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  • Karen Lindell

    Karen Lindell

  • Neon Tommy

    Neon Tommy

    Most-visited college-run news site in the U.S. Based out of USC Annenberg. We also exist at @neon_sports, @entertainmentNT & @neontommyarts.

  • Katherine Krueger

    Katherine Krueger

    Here, with you

  • Anita Snow

    Anita Snow

    Editor on AP LatAm desk. Former Cuba bureau chief, 2010 Nieman, ex-UN reporter. MFA grad writing memoir: Cast Adrift: Memories of a Cold Warrior's Daughter

  • Kim Fox

    Kim Fox

    Radio Journalism Professor at The American University in Cairo/former reporter/host @WOSU

  • Kevin Davis

    Kevin Davis

    CEO & Founder of KLJD Consulting. Acting Head of Sales of Hearken. Guest Lecturer, Stockholm School of Economics ā€” Riga.

  • Tom Kennedy

    Tom Kennedy

    Multimedia maverick - Writing and thinking about ways to improve visual journalism storytelling in the 21st century. We're not done yet.

  • Mike Godwin

    Mike Godwin

    American attorney and author, first staff counsel of EFF. Created Godwin's Law (http://t.co/mUBmVrsD3u). Constitutional lawyer. Wiseacre. I work for Internews.

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